Christina Marmet, Founder/Editor-in-chief

C.MarmetChristina Marmet was a synchronized swimmer for 12 years. She swam in France for eight years before moving to the U.S. for university, and continued her synchro career there. She founded Inside Synchro in July 2016 to create a “one-stop shop” about the sport. She aims to bring the very best coverage, features, interviews and databases for all the synchro-nerds and the casual viewers. She wants to grow the sport by showing the sport. With this website, she wishes to discuss synchro like any other sport, and to bring more transparency to the discipline along with a professional coverage of it.

She specializes in feature writing, but is also venturing into behind-the-scenes videography, offering an intimate and unobtrusive yet entertaining look at the inner workings of competitions and teams. She is passionate about telling stories, and working with strong and empowered athletes who serve as role models for the younger generations and who want to change the status quo.

One article leading to the other, she became the French correspondent for the FINA Aquatics World Magazine, where she interviews and writes about France’s elite athletes and coaches (Yannick Agnel, Virginie Dedieu, Philippe Lucas, Marc-Antoine Olivier, Eve Planeix, Matthieu Rosset, Axel Reymond, Charlotte and Laura Tremble, Frederic Vergnoux) in all aquatic sports. She has also been part of LEN’s social media team since 2018 for all major European competitions. Finally, she is a contributor to the gymnastics’ website College Gym News.

A Montpellier, France native, Christina received her BA in Marine Science and her BS in Journalism from Boston University in 2011, and her MS in Marine Conservation from the University of Miami in 2013. She lives in southern France.

Vlada Sorokina, Correspondent

Vlada SorokinaVlada joins the team as a correspondent and will focus on coverage of her home country Belarus and other Slavic countries. She started synchro at the age of six and since then has been in love with the sport. Her main dream was to become an Olympic champion. Working towards it, she managed to become one of the best swimmer in her age group, won numerous national titles and was a member of the Belarusian junior national team. She retired at 17 and now works as a sports journalist. She eventually achieved her goal and participated in the Olympics, but as a reporter and commentator. Vlada’s main coverage includes all gymnastics disciplines, dance sports and naturally aquatics.

The logo on top of the page was done by the lovely Emily Howell-Forbes. Go check out her gymnastics photographies on her website.